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Military & Police Moms & Wives are different, we are:

Badass Warrior Women

Your Worry, Your Anxiety, and Your Stress is different, you are not alone.

Badass Warrior Women is a
Unique Mom/Wife Community
above anything else

We are a shared community that supports and understands your unique worries, anxiety, and stress with having a family member in the military or on the

police force.

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Let's be real; at some point, our spouse or children are going to encounter trauma or severe sadness.

How great will you feel knowing how to help them and be that emotional rock that they need?


This is why you were chosen to be their

Badass Warrior Women Leader

Talk therapy is great, but you need real tangible skills that you can use daily to help yourself and your family when they need you!

This membership will include monthly lessons or mini-courses to teach you valuable skills. We will have live chats with specialists and unique people in the field. We are Launching August 2022

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Hello, I'm Suzi, a Navy and Civilian Police Officer Mom (my only sons).

I completely understand your daily struggle and worries; they are unlike any other Mom or Wife of someone serving in the military or police. I know I have five kids in total, and my boys create my most wrinkles and stress for sure!

I am here to support you and your families. I have created this group to be unique and tailored to our needs. 

My training and skills will provide you with so much support and value that will be life-changing from the minute you join the community!

We launched our first mini-course in the group "I'm Worth It" Emotional Self-Care Course; check it out! 

Suzi has been featured in:
Continental Whos Who - Inner Circle Magazine
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