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Training Programs designed for you!

Although we have a few proven signature programs, I will take the time to talk with you, the owner, and find out exactly what you need for your company and employees to be happier, more productive, and more aware of each other.


I love to discuss preventative measures that will always instill a heightened awareness of others' emotional needs.


I take great pride in implementing and utilizing emotional intelligence, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and other modalities in our training. These are real tangible skills and techniques you and your employees will gain for life; you can even pass these on to your families.

~ Suzi

Newsletters curated
for your company

We will curate a monthly newsletter branded with your company logo that your HR department can distribute to all your employees. 


We believe you can not do training once and expect people to remember it for future use. It would help if you had ongoing awareness and continued learning to retain such life-changing skills. This newsletter achieves that, along with Elite Minds Academy.


These newsletters will incorporate reminders, new thoughts, skills, and ideas to bring conversation and deep thinking.


We may even incorporate a quiz or game to keep employees engaged.

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Ongoing support

We offer email and text support for your executive team or others to whom you may designate access to these resources.


It's like having a coach/consultant in your pocket.


We will be launching Elite Minds Academy on March 15, 2023. This will be full of resources such as techniques, training, masterclasses, and deep meditations (hypnotherapy) that your employees can access anytime. 

A company perk to help retain good employees!

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