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ELITE Parenting Mastermind

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

              To the Elite Parenting Mastermind:

A Mastermind for Parents of Teens

Raising children, especially teenagers, is a challenging yet rewarding journey filled with triumphs and trials. With the right support, this journey becomes easier and more fulfilling.


Introducing the Exclusive Elite Parenting Mastermind, a monthly mastermind group where we dive into all things parenting and empower you to navigate the tricky terrain of raising children between the ages of 12-19.


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  • Enhanced Parenting Skills

  • Peer Support

  • Expert Guidance

  • Understanding Parent/Teens Relationship

  • Practical Tools & Resources

  • Long-Term Impact

      Does the Elite Parenting Mastermind Offer You?

  • Monthly 90-minute virtual meetings give you the flexibility to join from anywhere.

  • A platform to discuss, share, and learn about parenting strategies, communication techniques, and the challenges of raising teenagers.

  • A community of parents navigating similar experiences, providing mutual support and understanding.

  • An opportunity to learn from Suzi's wide-ranging experience and expert training.

  • Mini-course lessons, workbooks & video training to access as you need.

  • Bonus virtual meeting with a guest expert in family psychology or similar family expertise!

  • Each mastermind pod will not exceed ten parents + Suzi, the facilitator.


     Your investment in this journey of shared wisdom and experience is only $74/month, with a minimum commitment of six months. This ensures a consistent, supportive community where meaningful relationships can be built and sustained.

Raising teenagers doesn't have to be a solo journey fraught with uncertainty.


Join the Elite Parenting Mastermind and arm yourself with knowledge, community, and the confidence that you're not alone in your parenting journey.

Sign up today, and let's navigate the joys and challenges of raising teens together. Welcome to our circle, where we turn everyday parents into empowered guardians of their children's future.

We look forward to meeting you!

I can not wait to meet you; claim your seat today; only ten spots are available!


"I am growing and learning with my teenager everyday." ~Suzi Freeman

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