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I want to start off by saying I am proud of you for taking this step in helping to save a life.

If you have any questions while viewing this training, please do not hesitate to text me: at 480-359-7894. I will do my best to get to you ASAP. I am in Arizona (MST) time zone; keep that in mind if I don't respond immediately.

About this training:

I have created this webinar based on my Suicide Prevention Certification. Learning how to ask the question is how you can offer hope to someone thinking about suicide.

Please know that this training could be a trigger for some, so if you need to stop and reach out to someone to chat, please do that. The Suicide Prevention Hotline is 988; you can text or call.

This training is about 75 minutes in total. Once we wrap up the suicide recognition and prevention portion, I go into my training in Reducing Lethal Means.

Again, contact me if you have any questions before, during, or after your training. I would love to chat. Text me at 480-359-7894 or email me at

Grab a Mental Health Check Buddy

What is a mental health check buddy, you ask?

Choose a friend or family member you know you can rely on, and you can hold each other accountable for your mental health.

Your mental health check buddy is the person you can call when you are at your worst and need an ear.

This is NOT a "misery loves company" kind of buddy. You are not looking for a whining companion to complain about life with each other.

The goal is to ask each other hard questions, listen with the intention to help, and be completely honest with each other without judgment.

I highly encourage you and your buddy to go through this training together. It will give you the tools and knowledge to ask hard questions and what to look out for with each other's mental health.

Mental Health Buddies can save lives!!

Colorful Friends

Emergency or Crisis
text or call:

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