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Ms. Elite Arizona

Suzi Freeman crowned Ms. Elite Arizona 2023, is a passionate advocate for youth suicide prevention and mental health awareness.


As the founder of both The 988 Warrior Box and Fearless Next Gen Warriors Mentorship Program, she aims to provide a safe and supportive space for teens and pre-teens to develop skills such as confidence, values, mental resilience, emotional intelligence, and awareness of mental health.


Through empowering workshops, her program equips young people with the tools to become kind, resilient individuals who can effectively cope with adversity.


The 988 Warrior Box is an invaluable resource for parents seeking guidance on how to initiate difficult conversations with their children regarding mental health and suicide.

Book Ms. Elite for Appearances, reading to youth, parties, ribbon cuttings & more! Proceeds go to purchase bears, charms, and workbooks for the youth in the community.
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