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Ms. Elite Arizona

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Suzi Freeman crowned Ms. Elite Arizona 2023, is a passionate advocate for youth suicide prevention certification and mental health awareness.

The Zero Youth Suicide Campaign

Welcome to the Zero Youth Suicide Campaign, the platform for Ms. Elite Arizona - a campaign that believes awareness alone isn't enough to save lives; action does. It's time to do more than just recognize that we have a problem with teen suicide and suicidal ideation. It's time to equip our youth with the tools they need to be lifesavers.

Why Awareness Isn't Enough

You may be aware that someone is drowning, but your awareness is futile if you can't swim. The same principle applies to the current methods to combat youth suicide. Awareness campaigns, though vital, are not the complete solution. The best way to save lives - our youth need more than awareness; they need actionable skills, resources, and certification.

Empowering the Next Generation

That's where The Teen Warrior Box: Zero Youth Suicide Edition steps in. Led by certified QPR Instructor Suzi Freeman, Ms. Elite Arizona, we are on a critical mission: to certify over 1500 teenagers in schools across the US to recognize and intervene in suicide situations by July 31, 2024.


Please Join us and be a part of this Lifesaving Campaign!

Book Ms. Elite Arizona for Appearances, reading to youth, parties, ribbon cuttings and more! Proceeds go to provide Teen Warrior Boxes to our youth.  Request Here

The Mission

This is not your ordinary or average suicide prevention campaign!

We are changemakers and action-takers,
 and we have a
results-driven campaign!

"Awareness alone isn't enough to save lives; Certification & Training is?"

  • Certify over 1500 Teens in Suicide Recognition & Prevention

  • Certify over 400 Native American Teens and their communities in QPR. We will visit these communities in AZ and provide the certification and valuable resources.

  • Host two healing retreats for teens affected by suicide

  • Provide continued education and training for teens & parents

  • Provide a community for those teens trained in QPR to chat and support each other

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Teen Warrior Box

The Teen Warrior Box: Zero Youth Suicide Edition was created to empower Teens, and it comes with:

  • QPR Certification for Teen (Live Class)

  • Teen Warrior T-shirt

  • Shadow our Husky Mascot

  • 12-Week Teen Happiness Workbook

  • Parent/Teen Communication Cards

  • QPR Certification for the family (online certification)

  • Digital Course: Coping & Resilience

  • Digital Course for Parents: "No More Fear"

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Sponsorship isn't for me, but I want to contribute to the mission!

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