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Does overwhelm have you paralyzed?

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

I am going to share my six steps to kicking overwhelm in the booty, and getting shit done!

Are you feeling frozen with overwhelm and overrun with stress? Oh, Honey, I have been there. I have been sitting at my desk or standing in my closet, just feeling the warmth and tears coming from my feet. It is like a simmering pot of hot water starting to boil from my feet up very slowly, and I can feel it warm up my whole body until it feels like it's going to blast out of my eyeballs.

“We are going to get emotional, so remove your mascara, and grab a box of tissues.”

What a lonely and frustrating feeling! But hey, I got you! I see you, and I am here to help you through this. Human to human. I promise we will work this out.

Now I will walk you through how I process this overwhelm personally, and we will do this in phases, so read one step at a time.

Step 1: Get Emotional

First thing, just sit or lie down right where you are. Breathe, and if you need to let the tears come, then let them come - it releases the pressure and frees the mind. We all need a good ugly cry, not gonna lie.

Breathe, breathe loudly, let it out with power - feel your breath coming in and out. Now slow it down and start to relax a bit more - can you feel your toes resting and your body is not so tight? Great! You are ready for the next step.

Step 2: Write It Out

Grab a tablet of paper and your favorite pen. We are going to brain dump. Yep, dump that crap right outta there into this garbage can of a piece of paper.

Write it out, brain dump that shit. Spill out those brain guts on that paper. Remember, pen to paper, the actual writing is the best release. There is no rhyme or reason to your writing; just let the tears, fears, frustration, hate, and the incompetence you might be feeling, the power, the love, and the curse words. Whatever is bothering you, whatever is clogging your brain, and whatever it may be, let it flow. No paragraphs, no punctuation. This is not supposed to make sense - you will never read it. You will burn this shit right up as soon as we are done. Let it go! (Did you just sing that Frozen song in your head a bit? I did!)

Step 3: How Do You Feel?

Whew, Holy crap! How do you feel? Now let's set some fire to that garbage dump of paper right now. I am serious. Light it on fire and toss it out! Um...let's make sure you don't throw flaming paper in the trash can, K? Yes! So proud of you, Yeehaw! Now breathe and smile - say hell yeah!

Can you feel the power? You are so much stronger now; use this strength to keep pressing forward.

Step 4: Let's Get To Work

Ok, now for the work. Grab that pad of paper and your favorite pen. I find it fun to tape my paper to the wall and write with markers, but you do you.

I need you to write out the biggest problem you are facing right now? The one that feels so devastating that you are actually crippled by it. Go on, what is it? Money troubles? Your marriage, your business/job? Your kid won't talk to you? You did something's ok! Write about one major problem you are feeling. This is the biggest problem you think is holding you back or keeping you frozen.

Nice Work. That took courage - you are making great progress. One step at a time to the top of the mountain.

Step 5: Finding Solutions

Flip the page. Now let's think of solutions to the problem.

What solutions can you come up with? Picture yourself sitting on your couch with your best friend, daughter, or sister, and she just told you this was her problem - what would you say to her?

What advice would you give? Can you think of a solution for her? Write them down.

Can you handle any of these solutions on your own if you were to break them down into small steps? If not, no worries.

If you couldn't come up with any solutions, that is completely ok; sometimes we can't, which is why we get into these predicaments. Remember, I am here, and I got you; we will get through this together.

This next step works whether you came up with some solutions or not.

Think of who can help you? Who can physically help you with this problem? Friend, family member, coach, counselor/therapist, lawyer, organizer, bank, or a mentor? Write down all the people and resources you need to help you.

Step 6: Prioritize

Now let's prioritize the steps for the solution to the problem. For example, who will you call first for help? What will you expect their support to be, and how will it bring you closer to a solution? If you are talking about the solution on your own - what is the first thing you need to do.

Sidenote: If this is a time crunch problem, use the backward timeline solution. Start with your deadline and work many days, weeks, months; however, you have backward to today and start putting your baby steps into each day until the resolution is right on time or, better yet, early.

You Did It!

Remember, think of this like walking a marathon - you must take one step at a time to get to the finish line. So write out your one step at a time and start moving.

Know that people are out there loving you and caring about you; they are rooting for your success. you are strong. You are a powerful unique person. You were given the ability to handle any problem - just take some time to sort it out and throw some logic at it. You know what to do - you just needed a little bit of direction to gain the clarity necessary to find a solution.

Shoot me a text or an email if you are still stuck. I am here to help.

With much love and respect - Suzi

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