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Reduction Method

"I believe if we reduce stress, it will reduce anxiety which will reduce depression and ultimately reduce or eliminate suicidal ideation" ~Suzi Freeman

 Wouldn't it be great if you could...

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  • Identify your triggers for stress & anxiety

  • Learn how you can use your triggers to form new habits

  • Learn techniques to combat stress & anxiety

  • Map out a course of action to eliminate some of your biggest stressors in life right now

  • Create a process to help you anytime you feel overwhelmed or stressed.

  • Learn self-hypnosis and TIME Techniques

  • Enjoy your life again as if you are a new person with a fresh, clear mind

  • Conquer the overwhelm and learn how to keep it away

  • Learn skills and techniques that you can share with your family to help them.

  • Stop missing out on all the fun because your mind is full of all the stress and not the fun shit you have going on.

 This is how we are going to make it happen...

  • 12 VIDEO MODULES with step-by-step directions on how to achieve the techniques and skills to reduce your stress & anxiety.

  • 4 MINDSET MODULES to help you overcome all the subconscious bs in your head holding you back from your happiness.

  • 12 LIVE Q&A ZOOM CALLS, you will be on live with Suzi to answer all of your questions and help you work through any challenge you have at that moment.

  • PRIVATE ONLINE PORTAL This portal will have bonus material, free downloads, and call recordings.

  • PRIVATE MEMBERS COMMUNITY to help you connect and build relationships with others in the course. Show support for one another.

  • ACCESS FOR LIFE! You heard that right; you will get access to the videos, recorded calls, members community, and other resources for life.

  • PRIVATE SESSION: This is an initial private session with Suzi to work through your negative emotions for the first time. (at the beginning of the course)

  • ONE HOUR PRIVATE SESSION: Second one-hour session with Suzi to help go over and work through your biggest obstacle. (mid-way through or close to the end of the course)

  • FREE SESSION: One 30-minute follow-up session within three months of completing the course.

  • GET CERTIFIED IN QPR: Suicide prevention & recognition training with reducing lethal means.

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 Meet your trainer, Suzi

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Hello, I am Suzi; I am a Wife, Mother of five kiddos, and Momma to a Siberian Husky named Shadow. Oh, yes, I am also a grandma!!

I have created this program from a hard lesson and a very long struggle.

This is the process on how I overcame my long battle with suicidal ideation. I had such extreme stress and anxiety for so long that I hardly remember the good moments from my 20s into my 40s.

Uggg, sometimes I get so mad and feel so stupid when I hear funny stories, and I don't seem to remember it that way; all I see is the black cloud around me then and the fight I was trying to win each day.

I am here to tell you that is the worst way to live. I feel like I missed out on so much, but I am looking at the bright side, and I am grateful for how I see so clearly, and with such a happy heart now, I am in a really good place.

I am so good now that I would rob you of this amazing opportunity if I did not share it. I am so excited to be working with you and helping you on your happiness and love of life journey.


 Now accepting applications!

Yippy! We are now accepting applications for the upcoming Fall 2022 class.

We only accept 30 students into the 12-week course, and we only offer the program two times per year.

We have a simple questionnaire that we ask all applicants to fill out; this helps us determine your specific needs and best assist you in this program.

It also gauges your commitment to the program as we talk more in-depth on the application about the actual responsibilities required, including the price of the program.

We have a place for questions in the application, and we will respond within 24 hours.