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Reduction Method

"I believe if we reduce stress, anxiety, and depression it can ultimately reduce or eliminate suicidal ideation" ~Suzi Freeman

 Wouldn't it be great if you could...

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  • First and foremost, The S.A.D Reduction Method is here to STOP the hamster wheel of distress, overwhelm and disappointment in yourself!

  • Identify your triggers for stress & anxiety

  • Learn how you can use your triggers to form new habits

  • Learn techniques to combat stress & anxiety

  • Map out a course of action to eliminate some of your biggest stressors in life right now

  • Create a process to help you anytime you feel overwhelmed or stressed.

  • Learn self-hypnosis (deep meditation) and TIME Techniques

  • Enjoy your life again as if you are a new person with a fresh, clear mind

  • Conquer the overwhelm and learn how to keep it away

  • Learn skills and techniques that you can share with your family to help them.

  • Stop missing out on all the fun because your mind is full of all the stress and not the fun shit you have going on.

  • Look at this program as a Life Coach in your pocket. I am here for you and I care about your growth.

 This is how we are going to make it happen...