Suicide is Preventable

With simple training, everyone can learn to prevent a suicide.

Learn to recognize and prevent suicide

I am a certified QPR Instructor, and I use this technique to train people to recognize the signs of suicide and then the skills to know how to prevent it.

Every training I do not only involves suicide prevention training it also includes reducing lethal means.

QPR is a 60-90 minute training that I highly encourage you and your family or team to participate in this life-saving program. I believe that everyone over the age of 10 can benefit from QPR.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions about QPR, or you may visit The Aware and Care Project to register for a class.

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Training for your organization

When it comes to organizations, having a great culture and a sense of belonging is paramount to the success of the organization and the happiness of the members/employees.

I like to bring in core values and skills to achieve belonging and a good cultural vibe. I incorporate suicide prevention training and reducing lethal means as well, it is not the whole focus, but it is a vital one.

Once we establish a good culture and sense of belonging for everyone, it will greatly reduce stress and anxiety that some may feel within the organization, making for happier people and a more productive organization.

When we train an organization, we go one step further; we want the members/employees to bring in a valued family member or friend with whom they interact daily. This inclusion helps give additional support if needed.