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Teen study group

Summer Mentorship Program

Registration starting April 28, 2023
Program starts May 16 - July 18

The Summer mentorship program is an 8-week intensive on preparing mentally and emotionally for the next big move into Jr. High, High School, or college.

These are huge milestones and big moves for teens and pre-teens. 

Being a Teen mentor, mental & emotional skills coach, as well as a mother of five, I have been through all of these stages. I have learned what these kids go through, and I have created this program to assist these kids with the skills, modalities, and knowledge to handle the stress, worry, fear, and anxiety that comes with taking this big step.

Let's face it, kids don't take advice and input from their parents as well as they do from others...I am here to be the voice you want to talk to your kids.

More details will be up on April 28th.

Please email me if you have any questions in the meantime. 

The program fee is $333 per student

We will meet on Tuesday evenings starting on May 16 - July 18 (no July 4)


Get in Touch & Reserve your Spot

Have questions about the summer mentorship? Want to reserve your spot. We will email out to those reserved spaces first one day before the registration opens to the public. 15 spots per group available!

Thanks for submitting!

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