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The Teen
Warrior Box

The Teen Warrior Box: Zero Youth Suicide Edition
Awareness is not enough to save lives; Certification and Training is!

It's time to do more than just recognize that we have a problem with teen suicide and suicidal ideation. It's time to equip our youth with the tools they need to be lifesavers. Schedule your teen group certification today; it's FREE!

Why Awareness Is Not Enough!!

You may be aware that someone is drowning, but your awareness is futile if you can't swim. The same principle applies to the current methods to combat youth suicide. Awareness campaigns, though vital, are not the complete solution. The best way to save lives - our youth need more than awareness; they need actionable skills, resources, and certification.


We are not only Empowering Teens; We are Empowering Entire Families!

By empowering parents with the necessary tools and resources, the box helps to break down the barriers to communication around mental health, making it easier for families to have important conversations that could ultimately save lives.

  • QPR Live Certification,

       Suicide Prevention & Recognition

  • Teen Warrior T-Shirt

  • Our Mascot: Shadow the Husky

  • Teen Workbook: Happiness

  • Coping & Resilience Workbook/Course

  • QPR Certification for the family (4) 

  • Parents Digital Course:"No More Fear"

Please donate to help us share these boxes for free with teens that we certify.

Sponsorships are welcomed: Logo on the box and product or material inside the boxes. Let's chat.

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Pre-order with a deposit of $100, and you get immediate access to the Suicide Recognition and Prevention Certification with two bonus tickets! Total 6 Seats for Certification.

Boxes start shipping on June 15, 2024

Single Box Only $250


🩷 Certify 1500 teens in QPR in 2024


🩵 Host two healing retreats for teens affected by suicide.


🧡 Provide continued education and training for teens and families.

I personally have set aside over 320 hours of my time to provide these certification workshops. I need your help to provide the kids with the Teen Warrior Box! Thank you for your consideration.

~ Suzi Freeman 

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Suicide is The
2nd Leading Cause 
of Death in
10 - 15 Year Olds

18.9% of High School Kids Seriously Thought About Suicide Last Year!

16.5 Deaths
Per Day from
Suicide in
15-24 Year Olds

April, May, June & July are the highest months for suicide attempts and deaths!
We have an online QPR course that you and your family can do today! All proceeds go to provide Teen Warrior Boxes to the teens we certify.

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This is Why We Train. To Conquer These Thoughts And To Help You Have The Courage to Ask The Question!
Ask The Question, Save a Life!

"People talking about suicide create fear and anxiety in us."


"When someone threatens suicide, the most natural reaction is fear. Fear leads to denial." 

"Sometimes, to convince ourselves we didn’t hear what we heard, we deny the warning signs of suicide by believing the old myth that “people who talk about suicide don’t do it” or that the person is only seeking attention." 

"Fear, denial, shock, anger: These are some of the expected and ordinary reactions to someone whose behavior or words suggest to us they want to kill themselves. Effective QPR means controlling, recognizing, and accepting these emotions while we try to help."

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