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TIME Techniques Therapy

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What are TIME Techniques?

TIME Techniques are powerful because it allows you to release things from the past without associating to or even consciously remembering the root cause.

TIME Techniques combines the conscious and the subconscious minds to create the most powerful shift. Because of this, TIME Techniques is not performed in a deep trance but rather in a waking state with only a small amount of hypnotic language.

TIME Techniques is used to:

  • Eliminate specific problems rooted in the past or future

  • Release negative emotions (i.e., Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt, and others)

  • Undo limiting decisions which are the root cause of limiting beliefs and other problems

  • Program the future for success

TIME Techniques can be a perfect start for those preparing to enter the military or the police academy, it cleans up so much and allows a fresh start in the mind. 

Why TIME Techniques Works


TIME Techniques are an example of reframes. According to Alfred Korzybski in the book Science of Sanity, all emotions require time to express themselves. This important contribution to timeline techniques was brought by Leslie Cameron-Bandler and illustrated in the book Emotional Hostage in 1987. Switching the perspective on the timeline reframes the emotion into non-existence; once the reframe occurs, the emotion loses its context and disappears.


According to the book A Course in Miracles, there is only one true emotion - that of love. All negative emotions are simply an illusion derived from fear. Switching the temporal perspective shows the negative emotion as an illusion, and it disappears.


Position B on the timeline is the non-mirror image reverse of how the emotion is held in the here-and-now. This causes the client to experience a sort of anti-emotion which cancel each other out, leaving them free of the negative emotion.

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