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The Warrior Identity

Did you enlist or get accepted into the academy? Maybe something that feels like you need a Warrior mindset? You have the Warrior in you; sometimes, you need some guidance to remind your subconscious that you want to claim that Warrior Identity.

I am here to help guide you to claim the Warrior you are?

I always start with releasing negative emotions in The Warrior Identity, and then we see what else may be needed, such as any limiting beliefs, etc.

Awaken Your Warrior Identity

You will work one-on-one with Suzi either in person or via Zoom in a session to bring out your Warrior Identity.

We will use Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, set some future outcomes (goals) in your timeline, and finish up with a mini-hypnosis session.

Yes, you can awaken your Warrior Identity!


Sessions range from 45 to 60 minutes

Greek Ancient Sculpture of Warrior
Kids with Capes

Warrior Identity for Youth

Suzi will work with kids as young as 10, guiding them to claim their Warrior Identity.

Perfect for sports, and other performances.

Suzi uses Neuro-Linguistic Techniques and a mini guided meditation with Warrior Mindset suggestions tailored to each child. 

Suzi uses the kids' words they told her to describe how they would like to feel and what qualities they would like to have with this awakened Warrior Identity.

If the child has some nervousness about an event or something coming up in the future we can do some positive future outcomes for the timeline.


Sessions are approximately 45 minutes

in person or via Zoom with an adult present

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