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"I'm Not Afraid To Talk About The Hard Stuff!"

Are You?

Gilbert Chamber
Leadership Class 31


Families Certified in
Suicide Prevention

Suzi's Work

Suicide Prevention & Mental Health Awareness
Community College


988 Bears Distributed
to youth
Aspiring Youth


Workshops Held

Teen Mentorship

Welcome to the Fearless Next Gen Warriors Teen Mentorship Program.

Are you a parent looking for ways to support your teenager in overcoming life's challenges with resilience and confidence?


Fearless Next Gen Warriors mentorship is a hybrid and innovative program. It aims to foster emotional intelligence in young minds and mental wellness.

Mental and emotional health is essential to a happy life. The comprehensive program gives teens the tools to understand, manage, and express emotions effectively.


Our goal is to help teens develop empathy, self-awareness, and interpersonal skills that will allow them to build lasting relationships with others.

It's not only for teenagers! The role of parents is vital in shaping their teens' mental and emotional health. The mentorship includes mini-coaching sessions for the parents. These sessions address common concerns and offer advice on how to support your teen's emotional growth.

This is your chance to help your teen develop resilience, self-awareness, and interpersonal skills that will last a lifetime and set them up to handle life's challenges.


As a Certified Master Life and Success Coach, Mental Performance & Emotional Intelligence Coach, MNLP, and MHTP, I have the expertise and experience needed to guide your teenager.


I am also a parent to five children, two of whom have chosen careers in the police force and military. I have firsthand experience raising strong, successful individuals.

Not my puppy, but so dang cute!

Limitless Girl Power Retreat

Welcome to the Spectacular Limitless Girl Power Retreat! 

Twice a year, we throw the ultimate bash for super-amazing teen girls (ages 14-17) who've been touched by the shadow of suicide.


But fear not, brave ones! We're here to lift you up and remind you that you're never, ever alone! 🤗💖

Our mission? To ignite your inner sparkle through empowering communication skills and emotional intelligence training! And guess what? Our exclusive, tailor-made workshops are designed and led by top-notch professionals specifically for the Limitless Girl Power Retreat! Get ready to be inspired and learn from the best in the biz! 

Picture this: a whimsical wonderland in the heart of Arizona, where you'll indulge in the ultimate glamping experience! Sleep under the stars in luxurious yurts, complete with plush, cozy bedding, fabulously fun decorative pillows, and swag bags so fantastic they'll make your head spin! 

Prepare for an unforgettable adventure bursting with love, laughter, and all the girl power you can handle! Join us at the Limitless Girl Power Retreat, and let's make magical memories together, one phenomenal workshop at a time! 

October 6 - 8, 2023, Gilbert, AZ

12 spots available


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