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I am not afraid to talk about the hard stuff!

Dare I say SUICIDE! Let's talk about that, let's discuss how suicidal ideation is something a majority of us struggle with.

Do you wonder what your kids are thinking? What do they know?

Would you recognize if your child or a co-worker were suicidal? Anxious or feeling depressed?

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My mission is dedicated to bringing awareness to suicide & suicidal ideation. I am here to help you with the unique overwhelm, stress & anxiety that can lead to suicidal ideation.


I will help educate and guide you in learning the skills and techniques for yourself, your family, and your friends so that you all have the confidence and ability to find your way back from or never go to dark places, and you can live full lives without fear or shame.

I am a Master of Hope & Happiness, trained as a Suicide Prevention Specialist, Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, and Master Hypnotherapist. I'm the founder of The Suicide Prevention Project & The Aware & Care Project.


I have been working on this mission since 2018. What was supposed to be an educational journey as a Mom became a real eye-opener when I faced the fact that I had been struggling with suicidal ideation for over 20 years and how close I really was to ending it all. 


My three adult children have jobs in the top 10 for high suicide rates; Real Estate Agent, Military, and my youngest son is a Civilian Police Officer. I am also keenly aware of how sadly suicide impacts children as young as my twin daughters; they are 11. 

I help build strong mental resilience and emotional intelligence. In addition, I will teach the skills to recognize triggers and handle adverse situations with greater ease within yourself and your loved ones.

Meet Suzi

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"To prevent something or to make a change, you must first learn to recognize the problem." ~Suzi Freeman

"Thank you so much for all of your AMAZING presentations. We are truly grateful for all of your help and the amazing work you're doing for our community!"

- Jenna A.

Mesa Community College

"The QPR Training was such an informative training & reducing lethal means was very eye-opening to my family and me. We need to spread the word and save lives"

- Katie L.

Mom & Business Owner

"I struggled so long with anxiety around work that lead to paralysis on the job at times, after the working with Suzi I have new found ambition and love for my work again"

- Chris P.


Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Depression = Reduce or Eliminate Suicidal Ideation

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