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Parental Affirmations ~ Emotional Anchors

Imagine your child (tween/teen/adult) having a rough time, and needing to be reminded of their importance, their purpose, their worth, and that they are loved. I know as a Mom, we would give anything to be there in all those moments to comfort our child.

Now, imagine your child turning on a pre-recorded hypno-meditation that was created just for them, it takes them back to happy memories and walks them through exciting journeys that they have always dreamt of - but most importantly they will be comforted with some uplifting, loving affirmations specific to them in your voice! They will forever have their Mom or Dad, affirming their worth, their purpose, and your love for them!

The Mothers Voice

As children grow, the mother's voice plays a significant role in their development. A mother's voice can convey safety, love, and reassurance. This can help foster a secure attachment, which is essential for healthy emotional and psychological development.

Even in adulthood, the familiar sound of a mother's voice can evoke strong emotional responses. It offers comfort and a sense of belonging. The psychological impact of a mother's voice doesn't diminish with age; it remains a source of emotional support and reassurance.

Since the emotional connection with a mother's voice is strong, it is amazing in reinforcing positive affirmations.

The Fathers Voice

The deep, resonant quality of a father's voice can be soothing to a child, and a father's voice becomes associated with different aspects of their development, fostering a sense of adventure, curiosity, and confidence in children. The tone and manner in which a father communicates can significantly influence a child's emotional and psychological growth.

For adults, a father's voice can carry connotations of authority, wisdom, and guidance. It often continues to be a source of strength and reassurance.

A father's voice can evoke memories and feelings of security and support, contributing to an individual's emotional well-being even in adulthood.

Dads: I know it is hard to communicate just what you want to say to your daughters and especially your sons, but now is the perfect time! 

"It's not just a voice; it's a legacy of affirmation they'll carry forever."

How Does This Work

  1. Place your order below

  2. We will schedule a 30-minute phone or Zoom call to discuss the details of the recordings and schedule a time for your recordings of your affirmations. If you are local to Phoenix, you can come to my location for recording. This is not required, we can walk you through how to get a clean, quiet great recording at your location.

  3. Schedule a call/zoom chat with your child, if possible to discuss what they would want to hear from you - their parent (we won't tell them why, just a project that you are working on for them.) This is not required, but helpful. This is where I can get your child to tell me what they wish they would here you as a parent say to them i.e. Dad to Son, "I am proud of you"

  4. We will then put both of the recordings together and send out a first draft for you to listen and request changes (one revision is included) You will receive within 14 days after the discovery calls to you and your child.

  5. Final drafts will be sent over and completed within 21 days after our discovery calls. 

Your Investment

What's Included:

  • Two personalized recordings

    • One focused on a specific issue you may want to help your child with: anxious feelings, college, sports performance, etc.​

    • One for basic stress relief & hard times, reminders of their worth, love and value

  • One parent voice with 7-12 affirmations/statements

  • Additional voices can be added for a small fee of $75

  • 21-day turn-around time (email to discuss a rushed order)

  • MP4 recordings are delivered via Dropbox/Google Drive/cloud storage

  • One revision is included


21- Day Turn Around Time


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