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Sat, May 18



One Day Retreat for Moms

Rejuvenate Your Spirit, Strengthen Family Bonds, and Rediscover Joy in Parenting. With a transformative approach using NLP, TIME Techniques, Forgiveness and Hypnosis. It is like nothing you have experienced before!

One Day Retreat for Moms
One Day Retreat for Moms

Time & Location

May 18, 2024, 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Scottsdale, Scottsdale, AZ, USA

About the event

Prepare to dive deep and transform from the inside out. This isn't just another retreat; it's a groundbreaking expedition into the heart of your emotions and family dynamics. Led by master-trained professionals, it promises to be profoundly rewarding, challenging, yet utterly transformative.

🌈 Transformative Peace & Future Excitement: Picture wrapping up the day surrounded by a community of moms who've navigated through their past with grace and are now radiating excitement for what lies ahead. Experience the transformative power of TIME Techniques and NLP—where real magic happens.

🔥 Release to Prevent the 'Explosion': Clear away the emotional 'lint'—those accumulated negative thoughts, experiences, and feelings. It's crucial work; without it, the pressure builds until it bursts, impacting not just you but your loved ones too. We guide you through safely releasing this buildup, protecting your peace and those around you.

💖 The Power of Forgiveness: Journey into forgiveness, where you'll learn to unload burdens you may not even realize you're carrying. Letting go has never felt so freeing.

🎶 Healing Through Sound: Experience the gentle, healing vibrations of a sound bath as you transition through sessions. It's not just an auditory experience—it's a soulful cleanse, preparing you to absorb and integrate deep changes.

✍️ Journaling & Art as Release: Through journaling and art, unload any remaining weights and clear the mental chatter. It's a tangible way to see and feel your transformation.

🌀 Hypno-Meditation for a Positive Future: Seal your experience with positive intentions, energizing your path forward with clarity and joy, under the guidance of a master-trained hypnotherapist.

🍽️ Luxurious Wellness Nourishment: Enjoy gourmet meals, healthy snacks, and drinks throughout the day, fueling your body and soul for the deep work you’re engaging in.

🛍️ Exclusive Luxury Swag Bag: Be pampered with a swag bag filled with carefully selected wellness items, from a custom journal to premium wellness teas, designed to support your continued growth and well-being.

👭 Evening Community Circle of Support: Wrap up the day with a heartwarming community circle, solidifying the bonds and support system you’ve built, fostering an environment of mutual growth and understanding.

📅 Personal Follow-Up with Suzi Freeman: Extend your journey with a follow-up 1-1 session with Suzi Freeman, a Master NLP Practitioner & Master Parenting Coach, ensuring your transformation is deep-rooted and lasting.


  • VIP Retreat Guest

    Full One Day Retreat, Exclusive Luxury Swag Bag, Healthy Meals and Snacks, Coffee, Tea, Sparkling Water, Juice & Champagne




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