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The Teen
Warrior Box

June 1 2023

The Teen Warrior Box: Mental Health Hub
Parents, are you fearful of starting a conversation around mental health and suicide with your teen?

The Teen Warrior Box is an innovative solution designed to support parents and teens in having an open and honest conversation about mental health and suicide. This is a crucial conversation that many parents shy away from due to a lack of knowledge and fear of not knowing how to approach the subject in a sensitive and effective manner.

The Teen Warrior Box and Our Promise To You:

  • Provide guidance on how to initiate the discussion on mental health & suicide

  • How to recognize if your teen is in danger

  • How to ask the important questions

  • Provide resources on how to respond to and answer the hard questions

  • Help you build trust and strong communication within the family unit

  • We make this fun and enjoyable; there will be lots of laughs and memories made

  • You and your family get certified in suicide recognition & prevention!

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By empowering parents with the necessary tools and resources, the box helps to break down the barriers to communication around mental health, making it easier for families to have important conversations that could ultimately save lives.

April, May, June & July are the highest months for suicide attempts and deaths!
If you reserve your box with a $100 deposit, you will be given access for six people to attend a live (virtual)
suicide recognition and prevention certification class. Yes, bring your teen.


Monthly Newsletter with tips, conversation cards, and more to keep the communication going between teens and parents 
Masterclasses every three months after the initial 988 Warrior Box Purchase for 12 months.

Suicide is The
2nd Leading Cause 
of Death in
10 - 15 Year Olds

18.9% of High School Kids Seriously Thought About Suicide Last Year!

16.5 Deaths
Per Day from
Suicide in
15-24 Year Olds

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Have exclusive access to order your box first before sales open to the public! 

Please, put me on the pre-order list!

There is no charge to get on the list; you agree to receive emails from Suzi regarding the box and other helpful tips!

Your On The List!

Check Email for Class Access!

April - July are the highest months for suicide attempts and deaths! 

If you reserve your box with a $100 deposit, you will be given access for six people to attend a live (virtual) suicide recognition and prevention certification class. This $100 will be applied toward the purchase price of $444.

This is Why We Train. To Conquer These Thoughts And To Help You Have The Courage to Ask The Question!
Ask The Question, Save a Life!

"People talking about suicide create fear and anxiety in us."


"When someone threatens suicide, the most natural reaction is fear. Fear leads to denial." 

"Sometimes, to convince ourselves we didn’t hear what we heard, we deny the warning signs of suicide by believing the old myth that “people who talk about suicide don’t do it” or that the person is only seeking attention." 

"Fear, denial, shock, anger: These are some of the expected and ordinary reactions to someone whose behavior or words suggest to us they want to kill themselves. Effective QPR means controlling, recognizing, and accepting these emotions while we try to help."

A $100 deposit toward the Teen Warrior Box: Mental Health Hub will give you, and five others access now to the live virtual Suicide Recognition & Prevention Training with Reducing Lethal Means. This training will give you the courage to ask any question you must ask to help keep your family safe!

You will have the knowledge and the courage!

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